Benefits of soft sole baby shoes: Beyond health

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By WendellMorency

Benefits of soft sole baby shoes: Beyond health

Soft sole baby shoes are best for babies’ feet development. Soft sole baby shoes offer protection against daily hazards and allow baby’s feet full mobility. Soft soled shoes offer parents a sense relief and many practical benefits. Learn more about how soft soled shoes make parenting little kids easier.

Soft soled shoes are easy to put on and take off

Laces to tie are not something you want to have to worry about when your child is changing clothes quickly. Soft soled shoes have elastic bands that make it easy to remove and replace baby shoes. They also fit snugly on toddlers’ feet so they don’t slip off.

Tolerable sizes

You’ll be able to find the perfect size for your baby’s next pair of shoes by using soft soled shoes. You can safely measure your child’s feet using our baby shoe size chart. Robeez shoes will fit perfectly, so don’t worry about it. They are made to be slightly larger to allow for healthy foot growth. Robeez offers a variety of sizes for babies, from newborns up to 2 years old. We also offer a few styles in sizes 2-3 and 3-4-6 years, which are great for daycare.

For Mom and Siblings, a decreased chance of injury

If you’ve ever seen a toddler in a shoe with a hard sole during a tantrum, or an ecstatic kicking spree, then you know that they can pose an occupational danger. Shoes with hard soles can cause a bruised chin, crushed toes and sore feelings. Soft soled shoes can take the pain out of accidental mishaps. While practicing your dodge reflexes is still a must, you will be more comfortable if you are caught by a stomping toddler or flailing limb.

For packing, soft sole shoes are great

It is easy to pack too many things in diaper bags and luggage for a day or vacation. Because they are lighter and take up less space than hard-soled shoes, soft sole baby shoes make it easier to carry around your bag. They are easy to store because of their flexible material. These baby shoes are so light that you’ll be happy to bring along a few pairs of Robeez soft soled shoes.

Tidy (ish) floors

Soft soles work best indoors, but can be worn outdoors for light exercise. You can limit the use of soft sole shoes by your child in your home to keep it clean and free from dirt that is often tracked in hard sole shoes.

Ideal for crafting

You know the shoes are no longer useful and it is not a good idea to keep them as a family heirloom. These shoes can be transformed into art. Make a mobile with twine, attach several pairs to a mirror, and make ornaments. There are many options.

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