How to Attend a Children’s Birthday Party at a Jump Park

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By WendellMorency

Are you going to an indoor playground party for a child’s birthday? Although indoor playgrounds with obstacle courses and bounce houses are great fun, it is important to be aware of some things before you go. Many kids’ amusement parks and trampoline parks have details that you might not be familiar with, such as dress code, age restrictions, and rules for dropping off children. These six tips will help you avoid unwanted surprises and maximize your party fun. Grapevine has a variety of Kinderfeestje items that can be used conjunction with other concepts. There’s something for everybody! We offer amusing treasure hunts and fun games for kids, quizzes , and murder mysteries for adults of all ages, and special products for seasonal celebrations like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or Summer.


Many public venues offer options for children’s parties. Although this is great, it can lead to multiple parties being held in the same indoor playground at the same time. Safety issues could arise due to the possibility of the venue being crowded. Due to the large crowds, children could get lost and/or get hurt by other children. Pump It Up is committed to safety, so every party is private. This ensures that your party guests and all children will feel safe and secure in the playground.

Cleansing Procedures

It’s essential to know how to clean up after guests and children who are constantly moving around during parties. Pump It Up wants to make sure that our guests and party professionals are safe while having fun. We have expanded our cleaning guidelines to include local and federal recommendations. You will find signs to restrict cross-traffic between private parties. All employees wear masks and single-use gloves. We also have advanced cleaning technology that is used before and after every event. There are mobile sanitizing stations and detailed checklists to ensure all cleaning standards are met. Pump It Up parties are private. This means you have control over who your child is able to interact with. We also make it easier to clean after each group arrives.

Socks for Special Events

Pump It Up allows you to wear your normal socks, unlike many indoor jump parks that require you to purchase special socks for your child. Pump It Up inflatables can be used with any type of socks and are safe for everyone. We offer socks to purchase if socks are accidentally left at home.


Although indoor playgrounds can be controlled by climate, it is important to consider your child’s clothing. You’ll see them running, jumping, and playing so make sure they are dressed in comfortable clothes. Pump It Up can be controlled by the climate so it’s not necessary to wear a jacket. However, we encourage you to keep an eye out for party themes such as animals, glow in the dark or princesses so that your child feels part of the celebration.

Restrictions on Height & Age

Although all jump parks have age and height restrictions, they can vary from one place to the next. Before attending any party at a particular play center, it is important to verify the restrictions online. You can ensure that all your guests, including your child, have fun at the party. To play on the inflatables at Pump It Up, children must be at least 34 inches in height. If they are not tall enough, you don’t have to worry. Most of our facilities offer toddler toys, such as ride-ons or building blocks, for children who do not meet the minimum height.

Dropping Children Off

We recommend that you speak with the host before you consider dropping off your child at a trampoline park, or children’s amusement center, for a party. Pump It Up provides supervision during parties to relieve the host of any stress. However, not all places offer this service. Some indoor parks require that you check in your child before they can play. You’ll need to know what to do once you get there.

These six tips will help you be a little more prepared for your visit to a new play area. These key points will make your party easier for you and the hosts, and help you to have a more enjoyable time.