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Divorce can be stressful for spouses, children, and everyone else involved. Although divorce proceedings are often depicted as chaotic and filled with drama in movies and TV shows, this is not the case. There are many types of divorce that can be used to cover different situations.


Uncontested divorce Tampa is for couples who decide to proceed with it. They will need to discuss the terms and reach an agreement on how to divide assets and what to do with custody. This option can be done quickly and privately because everything was agreed to beforehand. It is also cost-effective for the couple to divorce, as it doesn’t require long and drawn-out sessions.


The most common type of divorce is the contested. If the spouses cannot agree on custody arrangements or how assets will be divided, they will likely end up in front of a judge. This can include multiple hearings, settlement negotiations and possibly a trial to settle issues.


The remaining spouse can file a divorce petition even if one spouse is absent and cannot be found or has not responded to the request for divorce. A judge will grant a default divorce. This is permanent and cannot be reversed, even if the spouse who was not present was aware of it.


A mediator is an intermediary who helps the couple to reach an agreement. A mediator is an impartial third party who guides spouses to a solution. The mediator does not have the power to make decisions, but they can help the spouses reach an agreement that can be submitted to the judge. In that they are required to be present to the judge, this process is very similar to arbitration. An arbitrator, however, is a judge with the same authority as a courtroom judge.

Anybody considering a divorce should carefully consider all options. It is a major life change to get divorced. Make sure you prepare. Before you file any paperwork, it is a good idea consult with a trusted professional.


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