What is an INDEPENDENT Adoption?


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Adopting a child is a serious decision. It should be made after considering the best interests of both mother and baby. It can be difficult to choose the right type of adoption for each mother and baby, given the variety of adoption agencies and types available. An independent adoption is one type of adoption. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding independent adoptions.

What is the adoption process?

Most cases, independent adoption agencies will have an adoptive family established before the baby is born. This is common with the best adoption agencies. The baby will be taken home by the adoptive family. This is a great thing for the baby as it means that they will not be placed in a foster home or other intermediary placements. Instead, they will be adopted directly by their adoptive family.

Is Independent Adoption Open or Closed?

Independent adoptions can be open or closed depending on the agency chosen. Open adoption allows the birthmother to continue contact with her child as long as she adheres to the terms set by the adoptive parents and herself. Closed adoptions will prevent the birthmother and her family from having contact with the child. Independent adoption agencies allow birthmothers to choose from any option and match them with adoptive families that will accept her terms.

This information is a very small sample of the information available on independent adoptions. These are the most frequently asked questions. Consider carefully the various types of adoption before you decide on the right one for you and your baby.


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